Face-to-Face Chinese and HuanHuaXi Park

Yesterday we had our first “face-to-face” Chinese class. Students from Chengdu University of TCM visited our class to speak Chinese with us. The students we spoke to are actually studying how to teach Chinese as a foreign language. Our first task was to read pinyin. It was really helpful to have someone listen to me read. The student was able to correct my tones. My second tone is always poor, so it was good to have someone reinforce what the word is supposed to sound like. The second round was the most fun in my opinion. We had a story, and one person read the story out loud while the other person acted it out. My partner and I actually presented ours in the front of the class. It was fun to take a more active approach while also learning new vocabulary. The last round was just free chatting with three of the students. I got to speak to them about our hobbies and what they liked to do in Chengdu. As a student, I definitely found the different types of learning helpful. As a teacher, I should incorporate different ways of teaching the material so that students have a greater understanding.

A small portion of the intricate gate

This afternoon some students and I went to Huanhuaxi Park. The North gate was beautiful and grand. As we walked along the road, all the buildings had roofs like pagodas and red lanterns. We went to a family style dinner which was tasty and very spicy (aka the Sichuan specialty). By the time we finished dinner it was quite dark, so I could not see the entire park. However, it was nice to see the park at night with the lights lit up. I’m excited to go again!

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