Acupuncture and a Host Family

Yesterday we had our second Chinese culture class. This one was on Chinese traditional medicine. The woman who did the presentation had her PhD in TCM. We learned about the history of traditional medicine in the different dynasties as well as its modern applications. Traditional Chinese medicine treats the body as a whole rather than as separate parts. I learned that different forms of treatment would be prescribed depending on if it was IMG_3899the heat evil or the cold evil. I also learned that people are still bled for treatment. Although the bleeding is very little, unlike 16th century when the English doctors unleashed leaches on you. After a general introduction, she primarily talked about acupuncture. There are about 350 acupoints in your body…and I got to try it out. She put two needles in my arm and two needles in my leg to help my wrist and knee (since I experience joint pain).The sensation was extremely weird. I then had to try to remain still for thirty minutes. Afterwards my hands and feet felt like I had lost all blood there. One of my classmates actually had her ear pricked to help with her sore throat. I am not really sure if any of it helped but I think it may be the only time I get acupuncture for free. I am also happy that we got to experience it because it made me more interested in the subject.

Then last night we got to meet our host families. Since I live in a dorm, they are not hosting me in such a way as if I am living with them, but they are going to show me around Chengdu. The woman I was paired with seems very kind and asked what places I wanted to go and we already have plans for Sunday. However, she does not speak very much, if any, English and we had another woman almost interpreting for us the whole time. She also speaks the Chengdu dialect, which is a little different than 普通话, or the common Mandarin which I am learning. I feel a little nervous that I will not be able to communicate when it comes to Sunday. This will be good though, since it will challenge me. Waking up for our meeting at 9:30 a.m. may also be a challenge. I am excited to see more of the city and learn more of the 成都话, or the Chengdu dialect.

I’m sorry if these next few days are boring but I have a test Thursday I am not ready for***

2 thoughts on “Acupuncture and a Host Family

  1. Clare Knight

    Acupuncture yikes! Sightseeing with your host family will be great, you will see stuff that a typical tourist would not see. Enjoy!


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