Going Out and a Taoist Temple

So Friday night I went out for the first time since I’ve been to China. It was a great way to practice my Chinese because we got lost (again) so I had to ask for directions from random people. Then, I actually saw some of my classmates from the university. I think we have become better friends because of this experience. It also allowed me to talk to random people in Chinese in a relaxed non-school environment which was a fantastic experience. It was very fun.

Long story short-I did not get a lot of sleep Friday night and thus did not write this blog Saturday night like I was supposed to since I was way too tired.

Saturday was our excursion! We went to the Bronze Goat Taoist temple. This trip was pretty extensive. We had a 1 hour bus ride. Then we took a shuttle from the parking lot. After thtempleat we had to walk. Then
we took a cable car. Then there was more hiking. Some of my friends and I decided to to take the path less traveled (aka the one that was just a clearing of wilderness.) So we did some real hiking up the mountain which was incredibly beautiful. The views were amazing and we found characters painted on the rocks and little waterfalls. When we finally got the temple, we were not allowed to take pictures, in respect of the religious aspect. So I can only describe it, so I am sorry if I am not great at it. On the outside there were locks like the Love Lock Bridge in Paris. They were in the shape of hearts. Then we walked further, there were hundreds of red ribbons tired everywhere. They sold them inside the teimage1mple for people to tie someplace. They were tied on the railings, on trees, even on the outside of the temple. When you walked in, there was a massive, ornate statue. You could feel the solemnity in the room, it was totally breathtaking. Outside you could see the clouds moving below you, you were so high above ground. It was amazing. Then we had to quickly go all the way down so we could catch up with our group in time since we spent so much time adventuring before.

At this point, I was in a lot of pain. Hiking a mountain for hours is not the most comfortable thing, although the view made up for it. We then went to the irritation system that has been around for over 2000 years.It has an inner and outer river in order to control flooding in the area. It was very interesting but at that point I just wanted to lay down. We took the two hour trip home, I ate dinner and almost immediately fell asleep.

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