Qipao Fitting and Cultural Festival

Yesterday our teacher went with us to go look at qipaos. A qipao is a piece of traditional Chinese clothing. The shop was really tiny, but had a million cloth options. You got to choose whatever cloth you wanted and then the style. It was really a make-your-own dress. It was cool because everyone chose such different fabrics and styles, that each one will be unique. Afterwards, everyone got measured so that their dresses were tailored specifically for them. I am incredibly excited to pick mine up in two weeks!

My friend and I with the Vietnamese students

Today was the long awaited culture festival. All the international students set up booths for their individual countries and had  mementos and food. The food was so good. I had food from the Democratic Republic of Congo today which was amazing. I even had food from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. I seriously went to every single booth and tried the food they had. China has a serious lacking of cheese (I am suffering from withdrawal), but when I saw that the Netherlands had cheese I was so happy. I went back two more times. Later on, there were performances by other international students. My classmates actually performed a taiji dance which I did not participate in, but gladly watched. There was an amazing Russian beat boxer who blew me away. I did not realize that I could watch someone just beat box for five minutes. Other students did performances from their countries which were really fun to watch. It was great to get to know the other international students who are at the university and branch out from our UF group.

2 thoughts on “Qipao Fitting and Cultural Festival

  1. Clare Knight

    The festival sounds great. Meeting the other international students and eating their food must have been a lot of fun. I don’t think I could live in China if they don’t have cheese, cheese toast is a mainstay of my diet.


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