Chunxi Road Take Two and Tianfu Square Adventure

I went back to Chunxi Road on Tuesday! Except this time my friend and I got a little lost because we did not know exactly where we were going. But I still believe that public transportation in Chengdu is amazing. It only costs 2.8 kuai to go to Chunxi via subway and they are clean and efficient. I am going to miss the subway so much back home. We started out at the expensive side of Chunxi which I am actually terrified to go to. There are brands like Valentino and Louis Vuitton which are intimidating. My plan is to go to Chunxi Road in my fanciest outfit and enter those places like I know what I am doing. As we kept walking, we made it to the cheaper part where I bargained for the first time! Bargaining is common in China, especially on the street. Since I have never done it in the United States, it always made me a little uncomfortable. The saleswoman told me the shoes I wanted were 198 kuai, but I was not sure if I wanted to spend that much so I told her I would think about it. Then she asked me how much I would which I responded 120 kuai. She laughed and said no but I did get the price down to 150 kuai. My teacher told us that we are supposed to start with 1/3 of the price when bargaining, but I was not feeling confident enough to do that…maybe next time.

Chairman Mao waving from Tianfu Square

Then Thursday my friend and I decided to go to Tianfu square for dinner. We took the subway (it really is the best thing) and just walked around for a while, admiring all the lights on the buildings. Tianfu is really pretty at night, since the lights actually make designs and move across the buildings. Eventually we found this small place where I had gongbao jiding, which  is kongpao chicken. This dish traditionally has huajiao, the numbing pepper of the Sichuan province. I really like this spice, it is not a normal kind of hot, it really does numb your mouth. Except the restaurant we ate at put a lot of huajiao and my mouth felt numb for about ten minutes. But it was an experience worth having.  The friend I am with wants to go to as many milk tea restaurants as possible in Chengdu since it is not as good in the United States. So, later that night we found a milk tea place and I was able to get mango juice, yum! As we were walking back, we realized what time it was and that the subway was going to clo
se in twenty minutes. We did a lot of fast walking and then had to stand in the most crowded subway that I have been in yet, but we made it back in time.

Being in Chengdu has definitely made more confident when it comes to traveling on public transportation. I feel like I can get around by myself and learn directions easier than I could in the United States. I hope I can bring this skill back with me.

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