Chinese Games and Host Family Activities

I learned a new game during class on Friday. We had extra time at the end of class, so my teacher thought it would be fun to play a spy game. On her phone, every person would choose a card, and that card would give them an object. Everyone would get the same object except for the spy. But even the spy would not know that they were the spy. During one of the games everyone else had “eyes” and the spy had “eye glasses”. We had to go around the circle and say something about our object..but in Chinese. It was a really fun game, except I ended up being the spy twice(!) It was a really good way to practice speaking and listening to Chinese.

Other side note about Friday*** I tried corn ice cream and it was not too terrible, although my classmates may disagree since they almost gagged.

Passage in Jinli Street where people can write their wishes on red tassles

I spent all day Sunday with my host mom and her friend Angela who acted as my translator. We started the day off with a fancy breakfast at a traditional Guandong restaurant. It was pretty cool to try food from the Guandong region since you can only get Sichuan food in Chengdu. The food was really good: I had shrimp dumplings, baozi with extremely sweet yellow filling, and steak with pepper that honestly tasted like something I would eat in the United States. On our way out of the parking garage our car had to actually go in an elevator which was an interesting experience. Then we went to Jinli street which was really cool. All along the road there are stores with little crafts, tea houses and traditional Sichuan snacks. It was really cool to look around at everything, and I even found some souvenirs for people. Sadly it was EXTREMELY hot so we needed to take a rest in air conditioning for a while. This is where I tried Chinese Starbucks for the first time. They had some different flavors, but it was pretty similar to the Starbucks in the United States. I think there were definitely more Chinese characteristics in the building though, whereas every Starbucks in the U.S. look very similar.IMG_4504

After Jinli, we went to a gigantic flower center. My host mom told me that this is where all the flowers in Chengdu go to be sold. It was incredible. I bought my host mom an orchid as a present for all she had done for me while here. In turn, she ended up buying me three bouquets of flowers. My dorm has an overwhelming smell of flowers every time I walk in now. Next we went to her house and her husband served us tea. I was thankful to be finally out of the heat which rivals a Florida summer. The tea was very interesting because her husband served us in the traditional manner. My tiny cup was constantly being refilled. The last event of the day was a family style Sichuan meal which was delicious as usual.

The day was long, fun, and full of activities and I was ready to go to sleep.


2 thoughts on “Chinese Games and Host Family Activities

  1. Clare Knight

    I am not sure of what i am most jealous of? The food, the shopping, the flowers? What an amazing experience you are having.


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