Cooking Class and Travel

I learned how to make Sichuan food last monday! For our culture class, someone came in and taught us four different Sichuan food dishes. We learned how to make fried green beans, gongpao chicken, fish flavor eggplant, and sweet pork. All of these dishes use the major ingredients of Sichuan cooking, which are numbing pepper, hot Sichuan pepper, garlic, and salt. Best of all, we got to taste everything that was made. I am super excited to go home and recreate the foods that I have grown to love and I do not think I can live without when I get back home in less than a week (!!!!)

My favorite dish of the day

Tuesday my friend, Therese, and I booked our flights to Beijing! We are going to have the quickest trip ever and visit the Great Wall on Saturday!

The beautiful view of mountains and water as we arrived

Wednesday my first trip began. My flight for Hong Kong left at 3 in the afternoon, so I left class a little early so I could get all my things ready and take a taxi with the two classmates I was traveling with. I only brought one backpack and one purse for our almost five day trip (Wednesday-Monday). The flight went smoothly and we took the bus to our hostel. This is my first experience with hostels, and I was a little nervous, but it ended up being very safe. Our hostel had a key pad lock just to get in and then key locks to get into our room, so I felt very secure. I still did not bring my laptop…which is why I have so much to catch up on. Our room was right outside a sort of landmark of Hong Kong, the Chungking Mansions. It is a place where you can find fake watches and electronics. It was a little offputting to be offered things every time I walked in, but it kind of reminded me of walking through campus when students are campaining for student government. I adapted really quickly.

That night ended with a walk at the pavilion, looking at the skyline of Hong Kong Island.

6 thoughts on “Cooking Class and Travel

  1. Oh my, I love Sichuan food!! The pepper is just amazing!! Also, you are gonna love the Great Wall. If I can give you a hint, try to go to Mutianyu. It will still be crowded, but probably a little bit less and the scenery is gorgeous!
    Have a great trip!


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